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XC-204 85CM Unisex Torso 23 Parts

Product No

Product Name: 85CM Unisex Torso 23 Parts
Product No: XC-204
Material: PVC

This outstanding torso features an exposed spine with removable vertebra and spinal cord segments, a female breast plate and interchangeable male and female genitalia. The female organs include a fetus in the womb. Dissected into 23 parts: torso, female breast plate, head, eyeball, brain, vertebra spinal nerves, lung (2 parts), heart (2 parts), liver, kidney, stomach (2 parts), intestines (4 parts), male genitalia (2 parts), female genitalia with fetus (3 parts). Made of PVC plastic. Mounted on a plastic base.

Size: 85CM.
Packing: 1pcs/carton, 91x44x36cm, 11kgs

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